About Us

Having a child with special needs can be tough, especially when it comes to knowing what kind of equipment is available AND affordable. With today's technology, there are new things coming out every day. You'd be surprised with some of the things you can use for your special needs child, that were not created for special needs children.  We know that sometimes you just have to "make something Work", so we wanted to try and create a central location for families to collaborate and share their ideas and projects with others.  Not only that, but you have got to have fun with it.  Family projects are a great way to get siblings and other family members involved too.


This site was also created to share our experiences and reviews for different types of Assistive Technology (AT) and equipment for children with special needs.  As parents of a child with cerebral palsy, we know that it can be hard to find special equipment to fit "your" child's needs.  There are not as many options out there for special needs as there are for regular strollers, car seats or highchairs.  I remember when we first began looking for a stroller... I could not believe how many different kinds were available.  One thing that we found very helpful, were the reviews and blogs that "real parents" had posted on different web sites and youtube, for just about any product that is/was available.  This was really nice and helped make the decision process a little easier.  However, once our son was a little bigger, we had to start looking around for equipment that would fit his needs.  We happened to be lucky enough to have an awesome physical therapist that worked with your son, who was able to help guide us in the right direction when it came time to start shopping for special needs equipment.


When it was time for our son to start going to school, we had to get him a stroller/wheelchair.  Our insurance company gave us the contact information for the closest distributor and we made an appointment for them to come out to our house.  When the salesman arrived, he brought a few "thick" catalogs for every type of stroller they carried.  I was actually amazed at how many choices and options were available for special needs equipment.  The physical therapist worked with our son two to three times a week, so she was able to help us pick out the right equipment for "him" which made the whole thing much easier than I thought it would be.  It was nice having someone there who knew the right questions to ask and which accessories were not needed.



Hopefully the research, experiences and information provided by the contributors of this site will benefit others and help them along in their life.  Please feel free to contribute by sharing your story or ideas for new projects any time.